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The Great Escape

The Great Escape

As described in “the weekend dilemma” and “the karaoke bus rescue” (that never came). There was one more problem I faced.

I had to sit through 4 wineries’ wine tasting. While listening to the sales person pitching how their’s is the best and the different varieties of smoke and nuts you can taste in a sip of wine….bollocks. I mostly tasted wine. So I looked around and saw that there were few great opportunities to escape.

These were the options:

  • Rally cars,
  • Face painting,
  • Wine Barrels,
  • Diving through a window,
  • Blending in with the band
  • and a hostile take over when all else fails.

The Great Escape

Unfortunately I couldn’t pull any of these off since there is one variable I left out of the occasion, I would sleep on the doormat for a week for leaving my wife to endure all of it alone. So every time I looked over to the nearest door or window, I got a death stare/pinch/kick on the shin…or all at once.


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