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The Weekend Dilemma

This weekend I have a dilemma. We are going away on a weekend trip to celebrate a friends birthday. We will be staying with 18 other people in a BnB at Adam’s Peak. Then the morning we will be picked up at 9 to go on a karaoke bus vineyard tour…..right….now the dilemma(s)…

I generally don’t like people I don’t know.

I don’t sing karaoke.

I don’t like wine.

I don’t share.

So when we received the room division and I cringed. I will be sleeping in the kitchen and share a bathroom with 5 other people. A plan had to be made!

I sent the group this response. It was a basic plan of everything I thought might go wrong and cause issues, the second one is the solution to all our problems.

3 responses to “The Weekend Dilemma

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