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The safest bicycle in the world

In a recent article the author described all the features a safe bike should have…preassembled and self assembled bikes should at least have the following:

All bikes sold in Australia must include protective guards, reflectors, brakes and some form of warning device (such as a horn or bell). If a bike or bike kit you see on sale doesn’t include those, then don’t purchase it.

Reflectors and breaks are standard and only a fool won’t have those. But what about the other features?
So let’s start with a standard bike and build the safest one in the world.
Here is the standard one (crappy iPad drawing):

crappy bike drawing

We’ll add horns to let people in front of you know you mean business:

bike horns

Now we’ll add a light…I was surprised that this wasn’t on the list of safety features:

bike light

Notice how I had to put the light under the bike, main reason isn’t the two bull horns that might take the light’s space, but I thought putting it lower gives a cooler under glow look.

I know they say horn/bell but why not add both. so we’ll include a bell as well:

bike bell

Lastly is the main safety feature that any bike should have. A protective guard:

bike guard

Frankenstein all these together and you are left with the safest bike in the world:

safest bike in the world

I should really patent these under FartNose Productions. But not sure where I’m going to get the medieval guard. Still a brilliant idea.

*All drawings were done on an iPad….still getting use to it.


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