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The egg that should have hit Justin Bieber

I wondered how it was possible that the 17 year old Sydney boy ended up missing Justin Booger with all the eggs he threw at him.

Apparently he broke in through the roof and bombarded dancing-moving target with a bunch of eggs. Was his aiming so shit? Was he completely drunk? Or was the Booger’s dancing moves to slick for the 17 year old?

I’ve seen the video footage and it is clear that the problem was in the eggs used. If only he spent a bit more money to get the Ultimate Egg!

Let me show you what should have happened:

Bieber dodging eggs

Oscar the ostrich egg

I had a one final image of oscar beating the Booger with what is left of the shell, but decided to keep it from the public. I will however email it to anyone paying me to do so 🙂


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