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Obama, PSN and Skynet

TvZ: Kuma Games released an episode where you can hunt down Osama. Never heard of it. but it looks like it is a free FPS engine and the company releases free “episodes”. Pretty cool idea. I’ll probably try it at home.
Nelson: what did you think obama was playing?

 TvZ: He was actually controlling a T100 terminator. Why do you think nobody have seen the Seal Team 6??
 Nelson: unfortunately for you, some obama dude just top scored that game … maxed it out so you can’t win that game..
 Nelson: thats why they shut down the PSN… in case someone hacked in and took control of some T100…
 TvZ: yip
 TvZ: pretty smart
TvZ: Sony is actually the US armys world wide network
 Nelson: would explain wikileaks then… pentagon probably used the same network..
 TvZ: mmm…true….sony=skynet
 TvZ: what is Japanese for Skynet?
 TvZ: is it Sony?
 Nelson: probably

You can check out the Kuma game at :


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