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Useful but totally impractical inventions: Ankle Suppressor

This one is close to home for me. I have a very serious condition where my Ankles make popping sounds when I walk. It is continuous and really loud especially when I sat down for a while. That’s the symptoms and a lot of answers on Google around it. Most concerning is the fact that it can’t be cured. I have the same issue with talking BS, but that’s a whole different story all together.

So I have the answer all you fellow Ankle Poppers have been waiting for!!!

I introduce: The Ankle Suppressor.

I got the idea while playing a combination of MAG and Battlefield. If you can suppress the popping sounds of an assault rifle, why not the ankle?

A 1” think sound suppressing foam surrounds the ankle, not only prevents injuries, but also prevents the ankle from moving all together. No more popping sounds!

Ankle Suppressor

So not only did the ankle popping stop, you also like a character who stole a space marine’s boots!

Ankle Suppressor Space Marine Boots

Another thoughtful idea by FartNose Productions.

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