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Portal hype…I don’t get it

What is the big deal about Portal and Portal 2?

Overrated I think. You have one weapon. That’s right…one…. Nothing to kill, just shooting some portals and jumping through them. That sounds shit boring. “No wait!”, I hear you say, “but there are challenges”…given to you by a robot voice thing (add stupid plot here)… sounds like President Eden from Fallout (mini spoiler there), but just shittier.

At least Darksiders had the decency to give you a few demons to slay after jumping through a few portals. And I have to say, I found that to be fun. You create the portal and jump through it to solve a puzzle, but a whole game of it….o hell no. Darksider even went as far as integrating the portal “mechanism” with a boss fight. That is fun. But just jumping around and let a gravity and game engine do the rest….nah

I borrowed this image from PS3 Attitude Darksiders’ portals even look more impressive.

I have to say, for me to play Portal 2…the have to introduce some big ass guns and robots to kill.


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