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The DIY air rifle that will never be

I’ve finished two electric guitars and thought I’d need something new to build. Since I was little I wanted to build a potato cannon! And now that I’m of legal age and have money to buy the material. That is what I’ll build.

I even had a design…look:

Air rifle T-model

The material required:

1. PVC pipes and cement

2. Air hose extension with trigger.

3. and a bicycle pump.

The  type that looks like this:

Steps of easy assembly:

1. Cut of the pump’s foot stands.

2. Cut of one of the handles so it makes an L-shape.

3. Fix pump to PVC barrel.

4. Fix barrel to air trigger.

5. Build a compression chamber from PVC

6. Connect compression chamber to air inlet of trigger.

7. Put a bicycle valve in bottom of compression chamber

8. Connect with pump.

BOOM! pump action air rifle.

But there is a problem…..

In Australia, air rifles are banned. That’s right….all types of airsoft, paintball or bb-guns are banned. You need a weapon permit for it.

Under the following law:






One response to “The DIY air rifle that will never be

  1. Levitra January 12, 2012 at 12:20 am

    I really value what you’re doing here. Keep posting that way. Take care!

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