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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Orange juice lid riddles…

When you drink an orange juice and you notice that there is a riddle under the cap, what would you expect that riddle to read?

I thought it would contain some factual information regarding how good orange juice is for you.

Nope…not what I found.

Instead mine read:

“Rats can’t vomit. That is why rat poison works.”



The DIY air rifle that will never be

I’ve finished two electric guitars and thought I’d need something new to build. Since I was little I wanted to build a potato cannon! And now that I’m of legal age and have money to buy the material. That is what I’ll build.

I even had a design…look:

Air rifle T-model

The material required:

1. PVC pipes and cement

2. Air hose extension with trigger.

3. and a bicycle pump.

TheĀ  type that looks like this:

Steps of easy assembly:

1. Cut of the pump’s foot stands.

2. Cut of one of the handles so it makes an L-shape.

3. Fix pump to PVC barrel.

4. Fix barrel to air trigger.

5. Build a compression chamber from PVC

6. Connect compression chamber to air inlet of trigger.

7. Put a bicycle valve in bottom of compression chamber

8. Connect with pump.

BOOM! pump action air rifle.

But there is a problem…..

In Australia, air rifles are banned. That’s right….all types of airsoft, paintball or bb-guns are banned. You need a weapon permit for it.

Under the following law:





Bluey…my custom Explorer

After I finished Rusty, I thought I’d do another one.

Once again I bought a cheap kit from GuitarWorx. But this time I went for the Explorer model.

Once again I’ve added a few pictures to show the progress from start to finished product.