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Who doesn’t like me?

I don’t need to tell you, I can show you. In fact, I can show you with a graphical representation.

Cluster maps

Cluster Maps is a great tool. It shows you which corners of the earth bothered to look at your insignificant little site.

It also clearly shows that North Africa and The most parts of Russia and Asia lacks good taste. I mean really…who wouldn’t want to read the rubbish I write/type/dictate to my minions.

I’ve even made a graph of the world’s interest (it took me 2 minutes, including the time it took me to start and stop the stopwatch):

World interest

Now let’s not worry about numbers (because it depresses me), but this is only a stat for 2 months. Clearly showing that Thailand is the next big economy since it follows the great world interests of US and UK. That, or maybe because I accused one of their tyre manufacturers to harbour a identity theft web site, see this post?

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