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Talking BS in no time at all

Right, it has been a while since I posted something, so I thought I’d just copy and paste something instead.

A recent conversation I had with Nelson Muntz (you might remember him from insightful conversations like Santa is Satan):

TvZ: fng hell…Bulletstorm, $89 at jb and $108 at ebgames
Nelson Muntz: yeah.. NEVER buy from eb..
Nelson Muntz: i always buy from jb now..
Nelson Muntz: every now and then BigW is cheaper…
Nelson Muntz: but in general, JB’s one of the cheapest
TvZ: how can eb justify $20?
Nelson Muntz: why would they need to justify it?
Nelson Muntz: idiots want to give them more $$$, why not? 😀
Nelson Muntz: let me guess, you just paid 108 at EB? 😀
TvZ: nope
TvZ: looking for a game to play next week
TvZ: either bulletstorm or killzone
TvZ: big killzone fan though
Nelson Muntz: you need something like cooking mama or animal farm so your arteries dont pop
Nelson Muntz: i have bad ticker, but you have dodgy arteries…
TvZ: meaningless violence calms me down…it is sitting in an office that doesn’t help
Nelson Muntz: you are free to squat? or stand?
Nelson Muntz: oh.. have i told you?
Nelson Muntz: at one of my friend’s job
TvZ: they get to kill people?
TvZ: with spoons?
Nelson Muntz: someone in his office just suddenly start rolling on the ground and cried nonstop… for 30 mins
Nelson Muntz: in the middle of the day..
TvZ: anti climax
TvZ: but odd
Nelson Muntz: very odd
Nelson Muntz: ended up calling the ambulance and everything..
TvZ: Was that the start of another House episode?
Nelson Muntz: lol
TvZ: I can almost hear the theme music
TvZ: and the whack of a cane

There you go…some reading that will make you wonder why you’ve just spent 2 minutes of your life reading it and make you re-evaluate what you do on the internet.

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