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Rusty, my DIY electric guitar

Close to finishing my chess board with a difference, I was wondering what I’ll be doing next. So I had a beer (a ginger beer). After that I thought about what I’ll be building next. That was when Marina (my patient wife) gave me the idea of building my own guitar.

Challenge accepted!

After a few hours on the internet, I came across the website for Guitarworx. They sell electric guitar kits in a variety of shapes. So I went for the Vampire guitar kit. (Please see the notes below on cheap electric guitar kits.) ANYWAY, this is who I got it:

But hold on…that wasn’t all… I realised that I had to do the wiring as well…and there is no instructions at ALL on where what piece should fit in.

So I thought I’d jump in and get started… The next few pics were of my progress:

Raw bits and pieces:

Clean guitar body

Clean guitar body


Some custom cutting:

Custom pick-guard:

custom pick guard

custom pick guard


Beautiful wiring of the 2 humbuckers, 2 volume, 1 tone and 1 3-way switch:

guitar wiring

guitar wiring


A bit of paint and accessories:

The Final Product (Add rust for affect, thanks to Porter’s paint):



Rusty guitar



Now, if you know anything about electric guitars, then you probably know more than I do, but none the less, you would have noticed a few things. the neck is raised about  1cm (0.39″) from the body, resulting in the pickups to be lifted out of the housings by the same amount. I thought about skimming the neck, but the screws were to long and would have pieced the fretboard. None the less. It actually works. I plugged it into Marina’s keyboard (I don’t have an amp) and strummed it. Not surprised, it didn’t work. Then I realised I forgot the earphone jack plugged in.

After a bit of fiddling and tuning, it worked…until I snapped the A-string. So I decided to post only the pictures up the the strings and not any pictures where I only have 5 strings attached.

Note on cheap electric guitar bodies: You will get what you pay for. The neck was too high and there was a lot of play in the neck housing. The other main pain in the ass was that the pickgaurd wasn’t done properly and it didn’t align with all the holes. Forcing my to go custom.

All in all I was pleased with the outcome and it was a great experience building it.

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