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Sons of true blood anarchy

This weekend I watched two pilot episodes. Now when it comes to pilot episodes, I tend to get all excited. Pilot episodes should always be good right? They should give a summary of the characters and the conflicts they might face.

The first one was Sons of Anarchy S1E1…I know, I know, I’m waayy behind, none the less, I watched it. And to be fair…it was pretty good. Apart from the fact that the main character has a silly walk. It was pretty good. It has a variety of actors and bikes.

The second one was True Blood S1E1….what a load of rubbish…it has more staring contests than the primary school national staring competitions. And to top it all off, they triggered one of my many pet hates when it comes to vampires….their pointy teeth are way to close together…they look more like rabid chipmunks. So you got rabid hill-billy chipmunks staring at each other.

In my opinion, watch Sons of Anarchy.


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