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Chess set completed….mostly

A few weeks ago I posted about how I want to build a chess set. But not just any chess set, a 3D’ish rusted one.

Here are some pics. The only bit outstanding is to seal the rusted chess pieces. You’ll notice some pieces are not quite standing upright. Well, that shows how handy I am with a glue gun…and it adds some character to the pieces 🙂 I have to thank my bank account for its patience and my wifey for all help and patience.

And now for the close ups:

The rusty bits:

You might also notice my light bulb lanterns in the background.

The other photos were all over exposed…damn flash…so I didn’t add them.

Now, maybe someone can tell me which way around the Kink and Queen should be placed? I can never remember if the white king should be on the white block or black block.



I found the answer to my previous question…the white queen is on the white block and the black queen on black block. So for all trying to figure out which is the king and queen on my board…I got it wrong way around.


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