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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Still here…

I’m not gone yet…I have been busy working on my new project at home and this one is going to be good. That is if I don’t blow it up at first go.
I’ve had so many trips to the hardware shop, that some of the employees think I’m an inspector, since I never know what I’m looking for and just wonder through the isles.
That and I’ve been buying power tools, just to realise that they require batteries and chargers that would amount to buying a brand new chorded power tool of the same type. Damn you Ryobi…


Chess set completed….mostly

A few weeks ago I posted about how I want to build a chess set. But not just any chess set, a 3D’ish rusted one.

Here are some pics. The only bit outstanding is to seal the rusted chess pieces. You’ll notice some pieces are not quite standing upright. Well, that shows how handy I am with a glue gun…and it adds some character to the pieces 🙂 I have to thank my bank account for its patience and my wifey for all help and patience.

And now for the close ups:

The rusty bits:

You might also notice my light bulb lanterns in the background.

The other photos were all over exposed…damn flash…so I didn’t add them.

Now, maybe someone can tell me which way around the Kink and Queen should be placed? I can never remember if the white king should be on the white block or black block.



I found the answer to my previous question…the white queen is on the white block and the black queen on black block. So for all trying to figure out which is the king and queen on my board…I got it wrong way around.

Sons of true blood anarchy

This weekend I watched two pilot episodes. Now when it comes to pilot episodes, I tend to get all excited. Pilot episodes should always be good right? They should give a summary of the characters and the conflicts they might face.

The first one was Sons of Anarchy S1E1…I know, I know, I’m waayy behind, none the less, I watched it. And to be fair…it was pretty good. Apart from the fact that the main character has a silly walk. It was pretty good. It has a variety of actors and bikes.

The second one was True Blood S1E1….what a load of rubbish…it has more staring contests than the primary school national staring competitions. And to top it all off, they triggered one of my many pet hates when it comes to vampires….their pointy teeth are way to close together…they look more like rabid chipmunks. So you got rabid hill-billy chipmunks staring at each other.

In my opinion, watch Sons of Anarchy.

Building a chess set

Every now and then I get an itch to build something. If I wasn’t so damn lazy, I would have had a room full of rubbish that I build just for the hell of it.

The last things I build were oil lamps from old light bulbs. They do actually look good and most important, they do actually work. I got the idea from this:

Mine look pretty similar, but not quite as finished off as the ones in the picture.

My next task will be a chess set. Note to the reader, I don’t like chess at all. It is a long and tedious game which I don’t have the patience for. That being said…I suck at chess….big time. None the less, I will be building a chess set. Pretty sure my father would be proud if he ever found out, but to his dismay, I won’t be carving the pieces out of wood.

I came across an article about building your own chess set from nuts and bolts…now that is more like it. the result:

But these are way to “pretty” for my taste. A few clicks more and I came across this picture:

NOW we are getting somewhere!

I like the idea of rusty bolts for the black pieces and the shiny bolts as the white pieces. Now that I got a pretty good idea of how the pieces should look. I need a board. The old plain boards will just not suffice!

Hold on…what do we have here:

mmm… a board with some depth…a 3d board.

I definitely don’t want a board that looks like the above…it is way to high and painful to look at. But I do like the idea!

So I’ll start at designing the board.

Here we have a normal layout of a chess board. 8×8 squares. Leaving a flat surface of 64 squares:

When I’ve completed my board mutilation, this is what I will hopefully end up with:

I think it will look pretty good. Now I haven’t even started thinking about what I will use to support the different levels or what material I’m going to use as the surface….but it is the design that counts isn’t it?

Apparently you can buy some chemical that will add the rust to the bolts. This will give it an authentic feel. But first things first…I’ll start with the board and add the rest here as I go along.