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Happy New Year to the Vodka teen.

Like last year, I was down at one of the little beaches at Rosebay to watch the Sydney firework spectacular. It was pretty awesome.

Sine the beach doesn’t have a controlled/reserved entrance, it was crawling with a lot of people. Drunk teens, shouting, drinking and smoking and some older people just shaking their heads and saying “If I ever have a daughter, she will never wear that!”

None the less, we watched the fireworks and was on out way back when we walked passed the coppers ambushing drunk teens. As we walked on a wide eyed *tipsy* teen boy turned to me. (I have to add that he looked like one of those innocent boys, a tad over weight, that would always do his homework). He shoved a big bottle of fluid in my direction.  “Do you want some vodka?”

Realising that the drink was offered because they also have to pass the big burly coppers at the end of the street, I smiled at his petrified face…”no thaks mate, I quite alright!”.

So to the wide eyed petrified teen with the Vodka, I forgot to say happy new years.

Happy New Year!!

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