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Useful but totally impractical inventions: Mosquito Manikin

You know ow you spray on insect repellent and the mosquitoes still nibble on you, or even take a bite right through your shirt.

Well I have a solution you can add to your insect repellent collection, bug zapper and mosquito net you wear around you.

Introducing the Mosquito Manikin*.

A life size manikin with fake blood and body oder to attract all the mosquitoes away from you. The Mosquito Manikin comes in various shapes and sizes to trick the little critters. For the true insect haters you can select an insecticide of your choice to pump through the manikin’s fake arteries. Ore if you are a lover of all things alive, how about a little sleeping aid to give the blood suckers a good rest until you finished your bbq.

All you have to do is place the Mosquito Manikin about 10 meters away from you and watch how all the mosquitoes go to it like moths to a flame. (Editor’s note: That is such a bad line, so I decided to remove the rest of this post.)

*Note, there is no such thing as a Mosquito Manikin, but I think it is a great idea. If someone wants to patent it, remember to give me my cut.

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