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Black Ops Santa

In my previous post, I commented on how I’ll be waiting for the bearded fellow to come into my house. Hog-tie him and maybe take him in to “Ripley’s believe it or not” for a reward. But then I’ve been thinking…how come no one else ever caught the fat bloke?

Doing some more research, I got hold of some footage that might be an indication of how he escapes the clutches of many a bounty hunter:

The answer….his Elves aren’t little toy makers…they are special trained black ops operatives. Look at the ease at which the elf rappelled down the chopper. Not to mention…they’ve got a chopper…not a gay sleigh pulled by reindeer, a fucking chopper!

Santa himself looks pretty useless. Pappa Elf in the chopper had to almost land the thing (did I mention that the elves got an attack helicopter!) to get the fat guy off of the cables. But still, try to capture the red suited criminal and the elves will be right there kicking your ass with their spec opps boots!


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