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How Santa damned Rudolf

I’m quite intrigued with Christmas and how people perceive the myths and traditions that surrounds it.

In my in depth research around Santa and all things jolly, I came across this little nugget: The History of Redolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Now you might ask yourself, how did Santa damn him…well in this line…: However, Rudolf’s luck changes when Santa sees Rudolf’s affliction as an asset and asks Rudolf – “Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?

But HOW I hear you scream! Think about it. A reindeer with a glowing nose is already an open target in any environment. It isn’t the best camouflage in the wild. Now he is tied up as well.

Rudolf went from running wild glowy nose, to flying target harnessed and pulling a fat old bloke.

Well done Santa!

Oh right, and another piece of advice…don’t tell Santa that you didn’t like the gifts!


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