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Formal complaint and bikes

This is a formal complaint…and the complaint is that I have nothing to write here.

That’s right…If you are one of the sorry people to read this, you will notice from the time stamps on the posts, that my life is so boring that I have nothing to brag/post/rant about for the past few months.

So I decided to go through a quarter life crisis and buy myself a new bike. A brand spanking new bike…with some trimmings. But what to buy….

I like speed bikes…to look at. I like cruisers to stare at…What would fit my posture and personality? Yup, I do think that a bike should fit the rider’s personality. So I decided to look at what I had.

I had a good old Suzuki GS550 :

Mine had a custom exhaust (which fell off a few times) and black mirrors. But it had my personality; It didn’t start in the mornings, it broke down at rather odd intervals, made a lot of noise, and didn’t want to leave my (at that time) girlfriend’s house. Oh…and the neighbours really didn’t like it.

All that said, I loved the old bike. So I want to get  something similar, minus a lot of the issues. One feature which did help was a lot, was that I liked the retro look and feel of the GS550.  It was a comfortable ride. So in that case, there was only one place to look. Triumph!

No that is not an outburst of  jubilation after having won a victory or mastered a difficulty; it isn’t the bra brand either…that is the name of the bike brand I will be looking at.

If fact…I’ve narrowed down my search to one type. The Triumph Scrambler:

Yes…I know what you are thinking…that is the best looking bike that you’ve ever seen, and how good will it look with me riding it!!! Fucking Awesome!

And..there is even space for someone to ride with me…wink-wink, nudge-nudge.


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