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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Invalid bank account login attempts email

Every now and then I check my email’s spam directory to see what new and improved pills and money laundry schemes are available. While I’m there I check if any emails from friends and foes got wrongly filtered as well….but I’m mostly there for the pills 😉 ANYWAY….

So going through the spam box, I came across this email:

Important Banking Information from ABSA

ABSA was my bank of choice back in South Africa. So I thought I’d take a look. This is how the email read:

————EMAIL START——————————————————————————

Absa Security Update

Dear Valued Customer

This message is from Absa informing you of a series of invalid
logon attempts into your online bank account with us.
In order for it to remain active, we will require you to upgrade some
important details in your account profile to prevent limitations to your
online access.

Please go to to update your security details with us.

Note* You are advised to match your account details correctly to avoid service denial.

You will also need to verify your TVN upon request.

Thank You

NB: Please do not reply to this email directly.
To ensure a prompt and secure response, SIGN ON to email us.

Absa Privacy and Security Department
Copyright (c) 2010

————EMAIL STOP——————————————————————————

Now this is a bit of a concern. So I logged in to my old ABSA account to make sure I can still, but not going through the provide link, just the old fashion way. It worked fine and no secure mail saying that there is a problem.

So I thought to myself: “Myself, did someone really try to hack my account or was this a redirect-id-theft-attempt?”

It couldn’t be a real hack because I’m pretty sure that if they got through the massive ABSA security system that comprises of an account number, pin, password and verification number that is sent to your mobile, they would realise that I’ve got nothing….ziltch…fokol. So I was expecting a donation from the hacker with the comment…”leave it here so I can hack your account and steal it back”.

Since the above was not the case, I took a closer look at the link in the email. Hovering the mouse over it reveals the beast’s true nature. It redirects to :

WTF! is that the best website domain they could come up with for ID theft? REALLY!

So that is apparently a valid company set up in Vietnam. So I’m still deciding weather or not to email them and complain that the site linked to their main site did not update my ABSA account details as requested and that I would like them to start a formal investigation.

I mean really…what is happening to service these days? They say I should change my details…but then they don’t update it for me…pfft..


A bike update

Right…so after going on about how I would like to get the Triumph scrambler, I ended up not getting one. I got a Triumph Bonneville T100 instead.

It looks like this:

But it has a few extras…centre stand, saddle bags, small visor and a few bits more.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a better picture that would do it justice and I’ve been to lazy to take one. In short it is a powerful bike (865cc) but no monster. Sturdy on the road and a lot of pull. It does sound like a petrol powered sowing machine which is the only con I can spot so far. And I’m not going to mention that it goes from 80 to 120 km/h (in fifth gear) in a few seconds.

Formal complaint and bikes

This is a formal complaint…and the complaint is that I have nothing to write here.

That’s right…If you are one of the sorry people to read this, you will notice from the time stamps on the posts, that my life is so boring that I have nothing to brag/post/rant about for the past few months.

So I decided to go through a quarter life crisis and buy myself a new bike. A brand spanking new bike…with some trimmings. But what to buy….

I like speed bikes…to look at. I like cruisers to stare at…What would fit my posture and personality? Yup, I do think that a bike should fit the rider’s personality. So I decided to look at what I had.

I had a good old Suzuki GS550 :

Mine had a custom exhaust (which fell off a few times) and black mirrors. But it had my personality; It didn’t start in the mornings, it broke down at rather odd intervals, made a lot of noise, and didn’t want to leave my (at that time) girlfriend’s house. Oh…and the neighbours really didn’t like it.

All that said, I loved the old bike. So I want to get  something similar, minus a lot of the issues. One feature which did help was a lot, was that I liked the retro look and feel of the GS550.  It was a comfortable ride. So in that case, there was only one place to look. Triumph!

No that is not an outburst of  jubilation after having won a victory or mastered a difficulty; it isn’t the bra brand either…that is the name of the bike brand I will be looking at.

If fact…I’ve narrowed down my search to one type. The Triumph Scrambler:

Yes…I know what you are thinking…that is the best looking bike that you’ve ever seen, and how good will it look with me riding it!!! Fucking Awesome!

And..there is even space for someone to ride with me…wink-wink, nudge-nudge.