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Maps and Tiles


It has been a while after I’ve implemented the looting system (which was a major mile stone), but I haven’t been doing nothing. I’ve started looking at the map system and a world scenario. This involved digging through old blogs and gather information around top down map systems in general to see what will best fit my game. -The last bit is quite ironic as I’m making this up as I go along.

I’m pretty sure I’ve gone about it the wrong way, but decided to go with Mappy.

Not being impressed with it’s look and feel initially, I kept going and found Tiled. This looked pretty good, but the examples were lacking and even though I really liked the XML state it stores maps in, I found it bothersome to implement. But it had a few tiles that looked pretty good.

So back to Mappy; with new determination and a will to get it done, I spend an hour or two getting mappyal.c implemented. This didn’t go as smooth as I hoped as there was a lot of casting issues all around.

Once that was done, I created my first map, loaded it in game a few hours later and BINGO.

Next step was to implement map transition when you walk off screen. Luckily I implemented the loading of maps in such a way that it can easily be loaded when passed in a simple x and y coordinate.

Next on the to-do list. Associate objects with each map. So different maps have different objects as an obvious answer. Here is a quick screen shot of what my first map looks like. This should be the starting point of the game. Well, that is the idea….and no, there is no story line yet.


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