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Shooting and Looting

Another update on the game in the making….I might actually call it that as it will never finish.

The Game In the Making.

So after struggling a bit with cross platform coding etc etc. I’ve decided to ditch the netbeans on Linux, and rebuild another old laptop at home with a bare WinXP running MinGW, allegro and Code::blocks.

Code::Blocks is definitely  not the best IDE I’ve seen or used, but it is light weight and easy to set up. I decided to go with Code::Blocks when I realised I had to install JDK to install netbeans for C++ development…Pass.

So back to my game. my little avatar can do the following:

1. Walk around (pretty important for any game).

2. Pick up ammo on the ground.

3. handle two guns and pick up another if you discard one. (Currently the discarded weapon is wiped from memory, so no return if you throw it away by accident.

4. Different weapons -> different damage.

6. Can kill an enemy( HP decreases as per the weapon damage).

What is next?

Well I thought I’d better introduce an improvement on the looting system. When you shoot an enemy they shoot at least help you out by throwing down some ammo, weapons or health (maybe even a power up). It is in the enemy code of conduct to help the main character when dying.

There after I should think about map generation and tiles….arg….


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