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From wall to wall and beyond

A quick update on the game in the making.

Last time I wanted to do the following to things.

1. See what happens when my moveable box collides with one that moves from side to side

2. Implement some type of page flipping to be able to have a bigger arena to play in than a physical screen allows.

The first was pretty easy. I added a box that moves in one direction and as soon as it touches the edge of the screen, change direction. Then I moved my character in front of it and viola, it collided with great success.

The next one was a bit … well… interesting. I added a virtual screen and had to move the physical screen offset when my moveable character cam close to the physical screen’s edge….make sense? didn’t to me the first few tries. After I got the 4 main directions down, had to implement the 4 in between.

Now that the main movement is done, I can try to add other functionality, like shooting!

I know, I had shooting in there, but had to be removed (basically forgot about it) during major re-factoring.

I think I need to sit down and pen down how my objects will work.

i.e What properties does a bullet object have? how will the health system work? will I have a weapon object or should the damage be a property on the gameCharacter object? You know, all the things I should have thought about ages ago.

And I need to think about splitting my code into a better structure. i.e. have the movement engine source separate from map engine source etc.

too many things


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