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Yesterday I received a SanDisk e250 v1 mp3 player in the post.

It was a cheap one (assume not new) I got off ebay and I originally didn’t have much hope for it working at all. I plugged it in and it worked a dream.

After spending about…mmm..10 minutes browsing through the original firmware’s UI, I switched it off. I bought this little mp3/video player not to use/replace my over commercialised but to change. What’s that? Yip, I bought it with the intention of replacing the firmware and UI with another….because I can.

The most popular firmware/OS for this kind of surgery is RockBox.

Apparently it has been around for years and has gone through a lot of changes. So I decided to take on the easiest installation method. The installer.

Downloaded it, plugged in the SanDisk and viola. just followed the steps. The bit that took me the longest was probably to search the web for a SanDisk original firmware file as it isn’t included in the installer (legal reasons).

After that, I selected the theme, selected to install rockboy and the games….done.

Restarted the SanDisk…finished.

A bit of an anti climax with happiness as I found it really easy….a bit too easy.

Give it a go…most iPods not surrported:


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