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Need inspiration … WTF!

Usually I would get hit by a grand new revelation and I would put finger to keyboard, resulting in a blog post that has a lot of words but makes no sense at all.

But not lately.

Inspiration can come from anywhere I’m told. While walking, watching TV, sitting on a thinking throne, smoking pot etc etc etc.

But I have been struck by black space which is where my brain should be.

So I thought fine, I’ll just type about not having anything to type about.


I was browsing my blog dashboard and saw the most searched item bit. That is a stat of what some users typed into a search bar (may it be google, bing or wordpress) and get sent my blog as a suggested site.

I’ve attached a screenshot of what this would look like (Screen shot is pretty shit when in a blog, click on it to see it propperly):

Notice something quite odd??? Read it again. Yip, it is there right in front of you. Bioshock big daddy porn .  WTF!!! Let me say (type) that again. Bioshock big daddy porn.

Some idiot actually typed that into a search bar. And what is worst, my blog (Bioshock retro land thingy… ) was sent as a suggestion. Let me make a clear statement for the record. I DO NOT PROMOTE SEX WITH A BIG DADDY. You will get drilled in more way than one. Here is a quick recap of what I mean:

Then I saw the next bit of gold on the most searched items : whales singing we are family. I have no idea what this is linked to so I thought…mmm….maybe a funny youtube clip, so I searched it in good old google. Here is a how to search for it : click here.

The first suggestion, a face book page: yo momma so fat, the whales started singingwe are family

Now that is pretty fucking funny!

*Again, I do not promote sex with people in deep diver suites and drills for arms, neither do I promote making fun of some one’s fat mother or comparing whales to them. But I do promote singing whales!

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