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My PS3 got PMS!!!

What to do!! What to DO!!! And actually, thinking about it now, it isn’t just my PS3, it’s my laptop…well 2 of the 3 anyway….

Not that I got your attention, you will want to give me a kick for even coming to this post. PMS is not what the picture to the left depicts and is not that bad…for laptops/desktops and PS3s.

PMS is in fact : PS3 Media Server

The best and easiets Media servers to run on your laptop/desktop and stream movies and music across your network to your PS3. I love it.

Best bit (actually not even), it is platform independant. Yip, you can run it on Windows and Linux and stream all your *legally downloaded* media to your favourite PS3.

You launch it, it detects your PS3 and your PS3 instantly got access to the shared folder (full drive if a shared folder is not specified in the settings).

Now that is PMS I can live with πŸ˜‰


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