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Bioshock retro land thingy….

This weekend I endured another shopping centre trip. While waiting in a store I overheard a conversation between to woman. (Aged around 20-30) One baught a few PS3 games and was showing it to the other. I noticed she baught Bioshock….apparently the other girl also noticed it.  So the conversation went something like this:

Girl1 shows games to other

Girl2 :”What’s that!? What’s that!? What’s that!?”

Girl1: “Oh, it’s Bioshock”

Girl2: “I don’t get it….what is it?”

Girl1: “You are marooned on a 1920s retro land and you have to go around, like, save the girl…”


So I thought I would compare the descriptive explanation and plot summary to that of Wikipedia. (Surely that is where she got it….right)

Wikipedia: BioShock is set during 1960, in Rapture, a fictional underwater dystopian city. (1920…retro land….not quite….Let’s move on to “saving the girl”) Tenenbaum found that ADAM could be mass-produced by implanting the slugs in the stomachs of young girls (“Little Sisters”), taken from orphanages founded by Fontaine…(blah blah blah) Atlas tells Jack that the only way he can survive is to use the abilities granted by plasmids, and that he must kill the Little Sisters to extract their ADAM. Overhearing Atlas’ words, Dr. Tenenbaum intercepts Jack, and urges him to save the Little Sisters instead, giving him a plasmid that will displace the embedded sea slugs in each Sister. (OOOOHHHHHHH, so you don’t have to save the “girl”s but you can harvest/kill them…).

I’ll give her half a point for actually including the fact that you can save a girl in the game….but then again…I’ll have to give her a few more points for trying to explain Bioshock to someone who has clearly never touched a computer/console game in her life…


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