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Becoming a celebrity

I generally don’t like people….I know the feeling is probably not mutual (probably is)….wait, there was a story in here somewhere.

O yeah…I don’t like people and a lot of them. So needless to say, a shopping mall is like a mini hell to me. People everywhere. People falling into mall-syndrome. That is where they go utterly stupid as soon as they walk into a mall and do things like stop right in front of you, or walk in zig-zag in front of you, feel that you have the need to listen to their conversations over the phone, etc etc etc….

So I complain every time I see a mall, see people, have to go to a shopping centre … in general. So after listening to endless complaints from my side, my wife turned to me and said….you need to become a celebrity, so they can clear the shopping centres for you to be all alone.

Now that idea I like!!!

Only problem with being a celebrity (apart from their personalities) is that you still need to interact with people. Media talks, photos and then some.

So I need to become a celebrity that doesn’t need to talk to any one who can go to a shopping centre and get it cleared to be able to shop alone.

Apart from that, I’m easy to please….oh….just one more thing, I would like my water to be 16 degrees exactly.


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