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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Updates and a Hair Cut

Right,¬† I’ve add photos links to the photo page…not a lot, but I was browsing around and saw that it was out of date by more than two years. Go and have a look if you’re bored.

The day I flew toe the UK, I decided to go get a hair cut. The cheap place I tend to go to was closed, so I thought I’d go to the one around the corner. It had some Italian name. What’s in a name? So I walked in, took a seat with my metallicap on.

It was at that stage when the old Italian guy (cutting another guys hair) turned to me and with a voice of Marlon Brando said: “Take the hat off…You hair, it should breath…” With a stupid smile on my face I took the hat off, because Marlon had Sweeney Todd’s friends in his hands. Movies taught me that sharp objects in the hands of a man who knows how to use them has the authority.

Then it was my turn to take the butcher’s seat. Marlon asked me what I want and his second question was: “are you part in the police”. I know this is because of my rather short hair cut, but what do you answer? No, then Sweeney thinks you’re lying and decides to make a pie out of you. Say yes and the god father decides to make an example of you…So I made a stupid joke about being kicked from Police (the band) because I sang better than Sting….he didn’t smile. I also have a long running joke with hair dressers; I have really thick hair and I tend to make an internal waver on how long they will take to comment on it. HE didn’t …When Marlon finiched¬† I thanked him, paid him protection money and ran!

Now I’m in the UK and staying out of Italian shops for the time being.