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Facebook statuses – another rant

I have many a rant to rave about when it comes to facebook. Where to start….

In fact it probably started with Friendster and Myspace…I only joined Myspace to see what the hype is about. Then realised it is a relative fun way to keep in touch and up to date with your friends.

All of a sudden facebook appeared and everybody did the ol’ switcheroo….why? Apparently Myspace is too difficult to set up and too difficult to maintain. REALLY??? Since all the friends switched,  there was no point in keeping my Myspace account up to date. Now we are all stuck with the same old boring facebook. The white pages of death by boredom.

Since facebook is so utterly dull, everyone feels inclined to add status updates that makes no sense or only sense to them to entertain the masses. What do you mean, “doesn’t make sense” you hypocrite. Lets take a few examples and rip it out of proportion. And I can rip it to shreds because as you’ll see, none of the statuses where ever in context to start off with.  “John Doe is waiting for”. That is it…nothing more, nothing less. And I’m not the type of guy to go comment “waiting for what john????” because I don’t care.

So next he would post something like “John Doe is walking backwards.” Who gives a flying F which way you are walking backwards or is it supposed to mean something? Means diddly squat to me. So am I supposed to decipher the meaning? How about adding a cypher key??? If it was something along the lines of “John Doe is walking backwards because my car broke down and I have to pull it with a rope”. I would say…ok….but why are you putting a facebook update while pulling a car. A simple Productivity Graph would show that you will pull your car further if you are not using facebook at the same time. So how about you push the car and use the rope to hang yourself afterwards. What about this one (I know you have seen it before) “I’m going to change it”….change what??? Your hair colour, your sex.

Yes, it is the wrong way around!

Insert Random Facebook picture (that does not make sense) here

So I also started (continued) putting useless status updates on facebook….but if you know me, then you will know that I’m a lazy bugger who can’t think of anything useless/useful to say. So I turned to Generatus. With comments like:

  • TvZ is boldly trying out a new font
  • TvZ is telling a lack of pies
  • TvZ always forgives his enemies – nothing annoys them so much.
  • TvZ is so fat that when he jumped in the ocean, whales started singing “We are Family!”

So that is where I’m at with that. Useless status updates till the end.


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