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Fake game names

It is about time I put something up here about games again

To start off I would like to point out that there can probably not be something like a fake game name…right? If the game was made and it had a name…then that is the game’s name…So it can’t be fake.

But what if the game name does not represent the actual features, game play or anything about the game.

Lets go back ages (1986) when Arkanoid was released. I get it. The name comes from the mother ship that the “Vaus” scrambled away. So you control a UFO and bump some kind of space ball against space bricks. And at the end (level 33) you beat a “boss”. So…erm…nothing to do with Arkenoid right? Why not call the game “Vaus” or “UFO dodge ball”?

Let us not linger in the past. Why not turn to something more recent…recent being two years ago.

Without thinking or reading reviews I bought the game Legendary. Without a doubt one of the shit’iest games I ever played. The only thing “legendary” about it was how legendary shit it was. To be fair. I liked the concept/idea of the game, but not the game at all. And after a frustrating gaming experience, I decided to try the multiplayer. O dear…. Either no one wanted to play against/with me or I was the only fool on the internet with the game. No games existed….at all.

Why not talk about everyone’s beloved Italian plumber… ever heard about Super Mario 64? Was Mario 64 at that time? No… because he jumps to high for a 64 year old. I know, I know, the game was developed for the Nintendo 64.  But why is he Super then? That is why I thought it must have had something to do with his age. Because only a Super 64 year old can jump so high and eat so many mushrooms at the same time. Why not go with the original name like in the first Donkey Kong? Jumpman! Than explains everything about him! I have never seen Mario play a game of Pipe Mania or fix one broken pipe in Mushroom Kingdom. Except if his job as a plumber is only to clean the weeds from the underground pipes and kill all wildlife in the kingdom.


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