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A while ago I wrote a simple little blog about 3D movies and how awesome (yes I did just use the word awesome) it is going to be. In Rave, Rant and Review (I hate rave, really hate it…but not holding it against the blogger 😉 )the blogger even wrote about 3D porn. Not that I haven’t thought about it, I was just waiting for someone else to mention it. A few months went by and Avatar made its appearance. I watched it and thoroughly enjoyed the 3D experience. The storyline was shite but that is a whole different discussion all together.

Now the blueray discs are being sold…and I’m forced to relive the blue faces of the Navi to such an extent that it is irritating my eyes and I want to use a pitch fork to correct my vision. The Nine network here in Oz decided it would be “grand” to take every c-grade celebrity to have a little chat about Avatar while we are watching the naked blue beings run around and yelling high pitched noises.

Then I saw to my great dismay that Gizmodo (the geeky bog I came to love) has sold its soul to the blueish devils and the whole blog skin is Avatar related. Take a look at this (no photoshop involved) screenshot:

Sad… I know….


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