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Can you really buy that?!?

I’m a big fan of failblog and every now and then you see some things you just can’t believe to be the truth. Especially when it comes to stuff you an buy in the shops. And I’m not talking just about adult shops, because there are a lot of stuff there I still don’t believe is usable….

Anyway… back to the weird and wonderful stuff you can buy.

Let us start at this one…I believe this must be a know why? The packaging looks a bit dodgy.

When I saw the next one, I thought to myself; “Myself, what would the practical use behind this be??? Is it used to teach dogs not to go after road kill?”

I don’t know what to say about the following…. really….look at it…

Now this one I believe should be sold in an adult shop, but look at the guys face…o dear….

Usually I would like to end the post of with an attempt of wit which ends up in sarcasm…but..I have nothing…


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