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More Facebook Idiocy

Facebook… it is an interesting how people follow anything it suggests.

I wonder who wrote the suggestion algorithm… no wait…I ranted about that already….there was something else….


Fan pages!!!

More and more I see people fanning up to different pages, events or even people.

Let me list a few interesting fan pages

Then I thought…wait…I’m a fan of a few things…I’m a fan of Cyanide and Happiness.

That is worth being a fan of and makes sense as well. I’m also a fan of H.R Giger….now that doesn’t make sense, because I’m not a fan of him…I just like his work…So that one will die a quick death.

I’ve recently seen a fan page: I ♥ Sydney. Again that doesn’t make sense, does it? You are a fan of loving Sydney…not a fan of Sydney, but rather a fan of the concept of loving Sydney…  Now I’m confused…..


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