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Another pet hate – album names!!

I know I have an ever growing list of pet hates…but to be fair…this is my therapy. Getting it out in the open. As open as to those few that actually spend the time to read or scan over this page.

As a note, this is not a personal attack on anybody, because I know there are a lot of folks that are guilty of pushing my annoyance. Maybe you read this and believe it is truly the case…well think of others then…or me in that case.

Social networking has taken over the world long before Skynet. And as a user, I found myself forced to look at other people’s post and pictures…promise that I once had a gun against my head, forced to look at others’ photos.

Then I made a startling discovery that started bothering me. And since I noticed it the first time, I’m seeing it again and again and again and again…and it is sorry to say, but woman are more at fault then men in this case.

Everybody who uploads photos seems to think it is “cool” (as the kids of today say) toΒ  have an album called Random or Good Times (in any language and a lot of variations). I have seen Random Times, Random Good Times, Some Good Times, Some Random….etc etc etc.

Was it truly random? Was it as good for you as it was for me? I doubt it. Will it be random when someone looks at it? Nope, probably not. Will it be a Good Time when some one looks at it….nope… Is it descriptive in any sense? Is it a good name for an album??? The list of unanswered questions go on and on and on.

But alas, more and more of these albums pop up. I’m waiting for social networking sites to create proper filters on photo album names for me to filter out any of the above mentioned words or combination of. I’ll probably only have albums with words like boobs, bOObs etc in. but that is fine…they are albums I would like to see πŸ˜‰

I will even go as far as to provide some names for those who feel inclined to use the fore mentioned names:

  1. The abyss of pictures
  2. Pictures I can’t be bothered to group
  3. Archive (One of my more boring ones)
  4. A black hole of useless pictures
  5. Don’t look at these – they have no group
  6. Hey look – I got a camera
  7. I looked at the birdie
  8. I find myself oddly amusing when pulling a duck face
  9. Look I can pout
  10. I wanted to upload something

The list goes on and on.

I might write a book called “Useful names for useless things”. This post will be expanded into a chapter thereof.

Again, this is not a personal attack on the reader who might have such an album name (probably does), but an attack on a whole group of people who can not think of another name for an album that some one hasn’t already used or could be nearly descriptive of the content.

That is it…all I had to say….


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