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The sounds of Metal and Lemmy!

So I’ve finished Brutal Legend up to 99%. I couldn’t be bothered with unlocking the last multiplayer concept art and would have to suffice with not unlocking the ultimate trophies a PS3 game has to offer : Metal God and Rock God!

But I did how ever get my hands on the Brutal Legend Soundtrack and it took me about a few seconds to upload it to the ol iPod.

That being said, I wasted more time going through some of the concept art on the internet and came across this beauty:

This was the original concept art for Eddie Riggs inspired by Lemmy Kilmister. Would the game have been the same? I mean, the kept the massive muscles, but look at him…. the “Lemmy Riggs” just looks fucking mean! Might have put a more Brutal spin on an already brutal game!


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