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WinMobile Geekiness and More Adventures

iPhone has its fancy rouch screens and iTunes…Blackberry I’m told, has features unimaginable to the common win mobile user. That may all be true, but I found this little application on the net that I’ll probably be using a lot more.

It is called MyMobiler.

It is basically a “remote desktop” to you windows mobile phone. Here is a screenshot of my phone:

You  can pretty much do everything with the phone that you would normally do. Some of the features includes mapping the keyboard to the winmobile keyboard, copy and past from your pc to mobile etc etc.

I’ve changed the theme to show that the pic above is not just a randomly downloaded pic:

Enough about that…do you still remember the guys in the pic above? no? Well that might be because I haven’t been updating the geeks’ adventures in ages. I’ve decided to start adding a few adventures again as I get time. What to expect: Bombs, gags and two world dominating gold fish.

The Adventures of T-Man, G-man and friends

The Adventures of T-Man, G-man and friends

One response to “WinMobile Geekiness and More Adventures

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