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Facebook Suggestion Intelligence

Most of us use the old facebook to keep in touch with friends and family. Apparently facebook is smarter than me. It knows exactly who I need to connect with and why.

A feature was introduced a while ago where facebook would inform you who on your home page that it is time to connect with with this fella because you haven’t spoken in ages. Or with this fella who you should know because 29 other friends know him. Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea for the bored facebook prowlers. They could hang around on the homepage and as soon as smartypants facebook makes a suggestion, they pounce on it.

But luckily facebook is smart in that sense as well; Lets assume you dislike this one person in the group of “friends” that you really couldn’t care less if they know how to use the internet, if you don’y want to see that bastards face who 29 other people are friends with, you can clickidy-click the little cross next to the suggestion and that would take remove his mugshot from the side.

That wouldn’t be a bad idea if I cared to click a little cross on every suggestion they made. You’ll notice a little See All link on the top. Wow, so not only didn’t I want to see this person/people in the first place, but I can clickidy-click on that and see them all!!!

So I’ve spent a good 1 minute of my life I will never get back to edit and show you what I mean:

Suggesta Box

Suggesta Box

Take a good look at the above. Just because Pitty the Fool has 29 mutual friends, doesn’t mean I give a shit. Or because Mr Leave me Alone doesn’t have any friends, should I care?

My suggestions to the suggestions box are simple:

1. Add a tad more intelligence to pick up that the 100 times I didn’t add Pitty The Fool to my friend list, and stop suggesting him.

2. Add the Who gives a shit button like below:

New SuggestaBox

New SuggestaBox

By clicking Who gives a Shit it will not only destroy the suggestion box but will also select the fattest rubber chicken and slap the developers silly with it.

Now that is webapp intelligence I would like.


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