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You’re a bad man!!

We’ve all seen the look alike photos posted all over the net right?

Here is a over-posted-yet-I-can-never-get-tired-of-seeing-it example:

Darth Pope

Darth Pope

So today I’m going to jump on the band wagon again… I saw this post : The Most Unflattering Picture of Steve Jobs Ever. Apart from the fact that I hate it when people just add “Ever” at the end of sentences, I clicked the link and its about a guy using a few pictures and a simple little app to create a collage of Steve Job’s face. Why Steve Jobs? I think it might have something to do with this post where they used BSoD photos to make a collage of Steve Balmer (Wait…they both are named Steve???). Anyway, back to Jobs…

Here is the pic of Jobs:

Nice ain’t it…. well no, but I thought to myslelf : “Myself, I saw that picture before…even that pixelated” So I turned to Dr Google and got the picture I was thinking of:

Stab him!!!

Were is another one without the guns and knife and pixels:

Baby Jobs

Baby Jobs

So if you’re still not sure who I’m trying to compare him to:

Now I’m not saying that Jobs is evil and I’m not saying that he will one day try to take over the world with his iPods which we just keep on plugging mindlessly into our ears. I’m just saying that the collage made from/for him looks really bad.

But here is something to think about:


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