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Forgotten Games and their Monsters pt1

There are a lot of old games that we tend to forget. Spending countless hours trying to get a better score. Today I was reminded of another one.

I was going through my usual morning routine of reading my bookmarked comics when I came across this one:


ahhh yes… A little man on a massive ski slope. If I recall correctly, this was released as part of Microsoft’s Entertainment Pack. You can read more here…I didn’t.

Any way..So I thought I would find the game again and see if it is still as much fun as it was ages ago. I tried the “Most Official SfiFree Site” which not olny took ages to load up, but also timed out on the downloads. Then I resorted to Mr Google which delivered this link. Funny enough it also provided a link to a facebook site called “Damn The SkiFree Yeyi!!!!“. I love this quote from the fan page :

If you own a windows computer then you should play and remind youself of what a bastard that yeti is.

The key to this game, if my memory serves me, is to do as many aerial tricks as possible as fast as possible without crashing.

So go on give it a try. I’ll try to beat my old scores without cheating…yip…you can cheat in this game. And remember to say hallo to my little friend!

P.S. I tried the “F” key and it does work, but guess what… there are more than one Yeti…

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