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Mating Tips… I mean…Dating Tips

While browsing the internet and going through the usual posts, I found this one: The “How to meet woman” Quiz.

I’m married so definitely don’t need this (I’m putting this out there because I know you will be reading this) but thought I’m going to run through the 10 questions to see what DR. INTERNET has to say about my dating skills.

The questions are straight forward and you tend predict which of the answers will give you the best score. (no pun intended)

Here is the first one:

1. Three attractive women are standing a few feet from you at a local bar. You want to start an interesting conversation with them that gets their attention. What’s the best way to start it?

But I decided to answer it truthfully. My wife will tell you that I’m as romantic as a rock… and by saying that, it is usually an insult to the rock.

Here is my results according to DR. INTERNET:

  • Your dating skills are AVERAGE!
  • You scored a 69 out of a possible 100 points. You’re pretty good with the ladies, but you can be intimidated by a woman who is exceptionally attractive. There are some women out there that you consider to be “out of your league”.
  • Sometimes when you see a woman you’d like to approach you become immobilized with fear, and by the time you figure out what to say, she’s gone…
  • There have probably been several times in your life when a woman lost interest in you, and you just couldn’t figure out why. Maybe she gave you her phone number and then didn’t return your calls, or maybe you went out on a few dates with her and things seemed to be going good, when all of a sudden she became mysteriously unavailable.
  • You might wonder why some of the women you are attracted to don’t feel the same way, when all of your female friends tell you how lucky any girl would be to have you…
  • These are problems that almost all guys run into at one time or another, but very few men know exactly what to do to prevent these things from happening in the first place.
  • These are problems that many guys have, but very few know how to actually solve.
  • The good news is that you can learn to attract these exceptional women… and even have them chasing you for dates!


YEAH!! I’m either better than a rock or they are just saying this because they want to sell you something at the end. That’s right, they ask you for your email address before you get your results, which is fine because gmail has got some great filters.

So far they emailed me the 10 most dangerous dating mistakes men make, but I’ll leave that for another day.

Go on, take the quiz, you know you want to…


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