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Dry dreams and loud sex

Yesterday I read two articles, one stating that GenY men are becoming more metrosexual than ever, spending ridiculous amounts of money on cosmetics, waxing and tanning. The other article was about a couple who got told by the court to put a damper on their loud sex.

Theses two stories have absolutely nothing in common, but I interesting none the less.

The first one pissed me off…soooo much money…the only thing that popped into my head was ol Chopper’s Harden the Fuck Up!
Then I saw the new add campaign for Carlton DRY. called Cartlon Dry: Dry Dreams. Brilliant!! Here are 3 of the adds so far:

That must at least show that there are some who stay clear of the cosmetics and metro-shit.

The second story can be read here…but basically it is about a couple who’s sex life was so loud, it sounded like someone was getting murdered.

The only reason I found this interesting/funny is because I can tell a similar story….no… it wasn’t me.

I was awaken one night back in South Africa hearing someone scream. This is Sandton right, middle of the night and I heard screams close by. My instincts kicked in and I reached for the phone to call the coppers. I knew they wouldn’t react to a single phone call at night about screaming somewhere in Sandton so I though I would listen and try to figure out from which direction it came (no pun intended) from at least. The screaming was really brutal, but I decided to go back to bed and try to plug my ears. The problem was that the screaming (loud and proud) was rhythmic…yip..rhythmic…

So either some one was having very loud sex or someone was getting butchered for 20 minutes and only allowed  to scream to a rhythm.

I’d put my bet on the first one.


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