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Got a secret?

I’m all for honesty and I tend to tell it like it is (or how I see it). I don’t like to bullshit people or beat around that bush….wait… let me rephrase. I do like to bullshit people because most are gullible and will almost believe anything you say. But spending time trying to explain why you “had” to lie is a general waste of time and energy so just don’t do it.

But it’s not just about lying is it?

I guess some people really have to let something go, you know – getting it off their chest,  or need to tell another person something without feeling embarrassed. Get it out in the “open” but still feel keep your anonymity.

I saw a post on facebook by one of my friends that linked to a  another blog called postsecrets. It is just a blogspot blog but with a unique idea. You email/post the author(s) an anonymous postcard with a confession of some kind. Some are quite funny and then there are some that is just plain sad.

Here are some of them :

how about this one?

Then there are more some odd ones:

Could there really be such a hype about this sort of thing. Could most of these be made up? Don’t know, but I had look on the facebook and came across this little app called honestybox:

Yip. I even added the picture so you don’t think I make this shit up. and last I looked it has 209,660 fans…

So there must be something behind the hype…

Damn, I don’t have anything to add to the hype…might be because I’m still to lazy…

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