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This weekend I finished watching the first season of Californication. Yeah I know it is the first series and old, but it probably wouldn’t help by starting to watch Season 3 which started 27 Sept if I know squat of the first one right?

I never actually had the intention of watching the series. I liked X-files but never liked David Duchovny’s role. (opening myself to X-file followers onslaught?).  So we got the first season in the bargain bin and decided…fuckit, why not?

anyway, it was the perfect excuse to keep my wife busy while I get intimate playstation time! Apparently the series is quite good and I finished my new game way tooo early. So I decided to attempt to push my patience one more time with Duchovny’s acting skills.  And was I surprised. A pretty impressive progressive plot and overall story line. I do actually know nothing about film studies and cinematography, but they way the video snippets were worked in to show “happier” times and last episode showing how alone he actually is was damn good.

Hank’s play on words and interaction with others made me smile more than a few times to say the least. He doesn’t mind getting beat up and packs a punch when he needs to (wants to).  Hank tends to be socially awkward because he wants to, he likes taking the piss out of people, but tries to hold some kind of moral standard (towards some people that is).

And how cool is his old beat up Porsche Carrera??


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