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Movies in 3D

I remember the day when I flipped through colourless comics with a pair of green and red glasses on. Looking at dinos in 3D! That was pretty damn cool.

Years later came 3D rendering with the likes of Quake I setting a benchmark.

The other day I went to see UP 3D. That was already pretty impressive. The first 3D animation I’ve seen in a long time… and proper 3D.  Today I went to see A Christmas Carol 3D. That was pretty damn awesome as well. Some damn good flying sequences and use of some out-of-screen scenes. O yeah, I saw Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is going to be in 3D as well!!!

Then I thought to myself: Myself, shouldn’t this become the norm?

I know the G-force game attempted a 3D version and I would actually like to try it out. But think about it….3D games, 3D in house movies.



2 responses to “Movies in 3D

  1. ezeanyi April 23, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    Love the usage of the word damn, think its a pretty damn unutilized word. Lol. Anyway I wrote a blog about 3D movies:

    Check it out

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