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Stats about people?

You may have noticed a few changes in the blog…or you may not, because no-one ever reads this shit. But I found it quite interesting the other day to see that there were a sudden spike in the amount of people visiting this blog.

When I mean spike..I mean 3 or more people other than the usual stalkers. Let me show you a little bit of this blog’s stats:



Notice the  bit where it goes above 16…interesting…then if you were to be bothered to look at my posts around that date (might only be one), you’ll notice it is about the sexpo…that’s right …sexpo and not even anything interesting on that post. I mentioned that I might go there. So my only conclusion is that the others (not the usual stalkers) only got to read my un attended blog because I tagged sex/sexpo in it.

That brings me to the next bit…are you reading this because you are one of the usual stalkers, or because I tagged sex/sexpo again?


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