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Brutal Legend, brutally awesome!!!

So I thought the sexpo would have been an interesting addition to my weekend. but it came and went …wait that just sounds wrong doesn’t it. But anyway, the next day I bought myself 2 PS3 games. One being Borderlands. I looked through the games and saw Brutal Legend with Eddie Riggs (Jack Black’s character) holding a flying V guitar and a double bladed axe. Apart from laughing out loud, I pointed to it and said to my wife, “Hey, that is that new game with Jack Black as the main character.” Then one of the guys working there stopped and said “Yeah maaaannn… That game is awsome!”.

I was quite surprised because I made the comment to my wife in my native tongue, not in English, but none the less. So he left and I stood there looking at the game…looking back at me… and I decided…fuckit, I buying you.

As I was paying for the game, the Dude came back and handed me a Brutal Legend shirt as well. Nice!

I started playing the game, and was enjoying every little bit of it!

Even the game menu at the start of the game is fucking awesome!

Not to give anything away, but think about it. Axes, guitars, hot-rods and metal…*sigh* Then there is Ozzy and Ian “Lemmy” Killmister!!!


Right, I might just skip work and go play some more!!

Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend




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