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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Forgotten Games and their Monsters pt1

There are a lot of old games that we tend to forget. Spending countless hours trying to get a better score. Today I was reminded of another one.

I was going through my usual morning routine of reading my bookmarked comics when I came across this one:


ahhh yes… A little man on a massive ski slope. If I recall correctly, this was released as part of Microsoft’s Entertainment Pack. You can read more here…I didn’t.

Any way..So I thought I would find the game again and see if it is still as much fun as it was ages ago. I tried the “Most Official SfiFree Site” which not olny took ages to load up, but also timed out on the downloads. Then I resorted to Mr Google which delivered this link. Funny enough it also provided a link to a facebook site called “Damn The SkiFree Yeyi!!!!“. I love this quote from the fan page :

If you own a windows computer then you should play and remind youself of what a bastard that yeti is.

The key to this game, if my memory serves me, is to do as many aerial tricks as possible as fast as possible without crashing.

So go on give it a try. I’ll try to beat my old scores without cheating…yip…you can cheat in this game. And remember to say hallo to my little friend!

P.S. I tried the “F” key and it does work, but guess what… there are more than one Yeti…

Mating Tips… I mean…Dating Tips

While browsing the internet and going through the usual posts, I found this one: The “How to meet woman” Quiz.

I’m married so definitely don’t need this (I’m putting this out there because I know you will be reading this) but thought I’m going to run through the 10 questions to see what DR. INTERNET has to say about my dating skills.

The questions are straight forward and you tend predict which of the answers will give you the best score. (no pun intended)

Here is the first one:

1. Three attractive women are standing a few feet from you at a local bar. You want to start an interesting conversation with them that gets their attention. What’s the best way to start it?

But I decided to answer it truthfully. My wife will tell you that I’m as romantic as a rock… and by saying that, it is usually an insult to the rock.

Here is my results according to DR. INTERNET:

  • Your dating skills are AVERAGE!
  • You scored a 69 out of a possible 100 points. You’re pretty good with the ladies, but you can be intimidated by a woman who is exceptionally attractive. There are some women out there that you consider to be “out of your league”.
  • Sometimes when you see a woman you’d like to approach you become immobilized with fear, and by the time you figure out what to say, she’s gone…
  • There have probably been several times in your life when a woman lost interest in you, and you just couldn’t figure out why. Maybe she gave you her phone number and then didn’t return your calls, or maybe you went out on a few dates with her and things seemed to be going good, when all of a sudden she became mysteriously unavailable.
  • You might wonder why some of the women you are attracted to don’t feel the same way, when all of your female friends tell you how lucky any girl would be to have you…
  • These are problems that almost all guys run into at one time or another, but very few men know exactly what to do to prevent these things from happening in the first place.
  • These are problems that many guys have, but very few know how to actually solve.
  • The good news is that you can learn to attract these exceptional women… and even have them chasing you for dates!


YEAH!! I’m either better than a rock or they are just saying this because they want to sell you something at the end. That’s right, they ask you for your email address before you get your results, which is fine because gmail has got some great filters.

So far they emailed me the 10 most dangerous dating mistakes men make, but I’ll leave that for another day.

Go on, take the quiz, you know you want to…

The Apple Rant iBandwagon

I’ve decided that I want to jump on this bandwagon. I’ve read numerous blogs/articles/facebook messages (you know who I’m talking about) about Apple and more so rants and raves about Apple products. Now I’m talking about the juicy fruit that gives you stomach aches when you eat to much..nope.. it is those things created by an evil marketing genius called Steve Jobs.

And the latest thing to come from the Pits of Hell is the Magic Mouse… nope, I’m not joking about the name either…it is called the Magic Mouse.

And here is a picture of the thing:

Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse

Stylish you may think… Uncomfortable I think. But enough about the looks… here are some of the features:

Magic Mouse Gestures

Magic Mouse Gestures

WOW!!! You can do all that with the Magic Mouse?!?! Let’s take a look at what the above actually means:


Magic Mouse is an advanced point-and-click mouse that lets you click and double-click anywhere on its Multi-Touch surface.

Two-button click

Magic Mouse functions as a two-button mouse when you enable Secondary Click in System Preferences. Left-handed users can reassign left and right click, as well.

360° scroll

Brush one finger along the Multi-Touch surface to scroll in any direction and to pan a full 360 degrees.

Screen zoom

Hold down the Control key on your keyboard and scroll with one finger on Magic Mouse to enlarge items on your screen.

Two-finger swipe

Using two fingers, swipe left and right along the Multi-Touch surface to advance through pages in Safari or browse photos in iPhoto.

Impressed? I wasn’t…

Now let’s look at another mouse I have never used or seen before (making my next 2c just as useless as the above).



So its got a shitty name. But lets look at some of the features in this one (that has been around for a year or two)

1. It’s laser

2. It can scroll Vertically continuously.

3. It can scroll Horizontally continuously.

4. It can click, double click.

5. It can right click.

6. it can switch between pages

7. it can switch between applications

8. the buttons are programmable

9. it can shut down a computer with a single mouse click

10. it can make coffee

So I lied about the last one..I think, but I think you get the picture right?

And it doesn’t need a fancy chip to tell it that you are only resting your hand on it.

Apart from the shitty name, I’ll definitely go for the rather mouse-looking iHome than the Magic Mouse. But that being said and to be fair, apparently the Magic Mouse is 100% better than its predecessor.

How bad was the predecessor then? Damn… And does this show that Mac will actually catch up with PCs soon?

Brain Pain…

Today one of out colleagues are going back to UK. Since his flight is at 4ish, we decided to go out for a beer or two yesterday afternoon.
I would love to write down some of the insane stories I heard yesterday.
Some were so good that I would probably get sued when I put them in my blog.
But alas, my head hurts to much this morning and I’m having trouble looking at a bright screen…
And to be honest, maybe the beer made the stories a lot better than they were.

Dry dreams and loud sex

Yesterday I read two articles, one stating that GenY men are becoming more metrosexual than ever, spending ridiculous amounts of money on cosmetics, waxing and tanning. The other article was about a couple who got told by the court to put a damper on their loud sex.

Theses two stories have absolutely nothing in common, but I interesting none the less.

The first one pissed me off…soooo much money…the only thing that popped into my head was ol Chopper’s Harden the Fuck Up!
Then I saw the new add campaign for Carlton DRY. called Cartlon Dry: Dry Dreams. Brilliant!! Here are 3 of the adds so far:

That must at least show that there are some who stay clear of the cosmetics and metro-shit.

The second story can be read here…but basically it is about a couple who’s sex life was so loud, it sounded like someone was getting murdered.

The only reason I found this interesting/funny is because I can tell a similar story….no… it wasn’t me.

I was awaken one night back in South Africa hearing someone scream. This is Sandton right, middle of the night and I heard screams close by. My instincts kicked in and I reached for the phone to call the coppers. I knew they wouldn’t react to a single phone call at night about screaming somewhere in Sandton so I though I would listen and try to figure out from which direction it came (no pun intended) from at least. The screaming was really brutal, but I decided to go back to bed and try to plug my ears. The problem was that the screaming (loud and proud) was rhythmic…yip..rhythmic…

So either some one was having very loud sex or someone was getting butchered for 20 minutes and only allowed  to scream to a rhythm.

I’d put my bet on the first one.

Got a secret?

I’m all for honesty and I tend to tell it like it is (or how I see it). I don’t like to bullshit people or beat around that bush….wait… let me rephrase. I do like to bullshit people because most are gullible and will almost believe anything you say. But spending time trying to explain why you “had” to lie is a general waste of time and energy so just don’t do it.

But it’s not just about lying is it?

I guess some people really have to let something go, you know – getting it off their chest,  or need to tell another person something without feeling embarrassed. Get it out in the “open” but still feel keep your anonymity.

I saw a post on facebook by one of my friends that linked to a  another blog called postsecrets. It is just a blogspot blog but with a unique idea. You email/post the author(s) an anonymous postcard with a confession of some kind. Some are quite funny and then there are some that is just plain sad.

Here are some of them :

how about this one?

Then there are more some odd ones:

Could there really be such a hype about this sort of thing. Could most of these be made up? Don’t know, but I had look on the facebook and came across this little app called honestybox:

Yip. I even added the picture so you don’t think I make this shit up. and last I looked it has 209,660 fans…

So there must be something behind the hype…

Damn, I don’t have anything to add to the hype…might be because I’m still to lazy…


This weekend I finished watching the first season of Californication. Yeah I know it is the first series and old, but it probably wouldn’t help by starting to watch Season 3 which started 27 Sept if I know squat of the first one right?

I never actually had the intention of watching the series. I liked X-files but never liked David Duchovny’s role. (opening myself to X-file followers onslaught?).  So we got the first season in the bargain bin and decided…fuckit, why not?

anyway, it was the perfect excuse to keep my wife busy while I get intimate playstation time! Apparently the series is quite good and I finished my new game way tooo early. So I decided to attempt to push my patience one more time with Duchovny’s acting skills.  And was I surprised. A pretty impressive progressive plot and overall story line. I do actually know nothing about film studies and cinematography, but they way the video snippets were worked in to show “happier” times and last episode showing how alone he actually is was damn good.

Hank’s play on words and interaction with others made me smile more than a few times to say the least. He doesn’t mind getting beat up and packs a punch when he needs to (wants to).  Hank tends to be socially awkward because he wants to, he likes taking the piss out of people, but tries to hold some kind of moral standard (towards some people that is).

And how cool is his old beat up Porsche Carrera??

Movies in 3D

I remember the day when I flipped through colourless comics with a pair of green and red glasses on. Looking at dinos in 3D! That was pretty damn cool.

Years later came 3D rendering with the likes of Quake I setting a benchmark.

The other day I went to see UP 3D. That was already pretty impressive. The first 3D animation I’ve seen in a long time… and proper 3D.  Today I went to see A Christmas Carol 3D. That was pretty damn awesome as well. Some damn good flying sequences and use of some out-of-screen scenes. O yeah, I saw Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is going to be in 3D as well!!!

Then I thought to myself: Myself, shouldn’t this become the norm?

I know the G-force game attempted a 3D version and I would actually like to try it out. But think about it….3D games, 3D in house movies.


The facebook experience

I’m quite the facebook user. I tend to use it to keep in touch with friends across the waters… or just to use it to take the piss out of some one.

The internet is packed with some users posts. Some quite funny and entertaining. Here is one of them:


Apparently there is a group being formed to add a dislike button to all comments and pics etc. I would like that. Again just to take the piss out of people. Why not dislike everything everybody says? Even if it wouldn’t make sense clicking the button on a comment…just because I can.


I might have found it!

I’ll be trying this very soon!

Remember remember…

Remember remember

the fifth of November.

Gunpowder treason and plot.

I see no reason

why gunpowder treason

should ever

be forgot. **

I wonder if Mr. Fox succeeded in his quest of blowing up that old building, would it have changed anything really? Would the chaos that came from that not have created a worst monster than the one he tried to get rid of?

Was his cause noble? Don’t really care… At least something in history worth making a few films about.


** Read with a hint of drama and mystery