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Monthly Archives: October 2009


I’m tempted to go to the Sydney Sexpo over the weekend. TAke a look around and compare it to the one held in South Africa.

I’m definitely not expecting much…I mean really…. it’s going to be boobs, a dude painting pictures with his penis, poles and shops. And naturally a lot of race-car-girls walking around with flyers to more shops. They did mention that the Krusty Demons are going to be there…mmm….high flying motor cycles….. I’m also really tempted to get myself a motor cycle again…I know it will be a luxury if nothing else….but stil…*sigh*


But before all that happens, I’l have to get out of my pjs and go to the beach. Weather permit.




I’m in training this week and has never been so frustrated with my laptop. It is not an average laptop, but not the best either. I’ve maxed out the memory available in Win XP Pro and enough diskspace etc etc etc.

Now it is Java+AspectJ…it just takes ages. Apparently it is a known issue in our development cycle that the AspectJ needs some attention…not helping my current situation…

The worst part of being angry at a Java build is that I can’t give it a smack!

Blogging average blogs

Right, so looks like I’m just above the 1 blog per month average…might be because my blogs are just average…

Hold on…I was just reminded…if you read my blogs… you know a bit about me…I guess. But I don’t know anything about you. Then again, big chance I might not care what you look like…or I might…I’m confusing myself again…crud…headache..